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What Champions Do Best in Workplace Wellness

What Champions Do Best in Workplace Wellness

Now you can download a key industry white paper on wellness champions.
The vision for the Designed Wellness program from ACEC Life/Health Insurance Trust is to establish consulting engineering as the healthiest industry in the United States.
Since the launch of Designed Wellness in July 2012, we have made significant progress towards that goal. Step by step, we have developed a unique program tailored to the engineering industry that leverages the economic benefits of being a “healthy firm.”
This whitepaper represents a significant milestone in the work Designed Wellness Champions have done over the past five years.


There are many challenges to cultivating an effective wellness program in the many small firms that we serve. Each of the 158 firms currently participating in Designed Wellness is independent and unique.
The key to our success has been engaging a local Wellness Champion in each company.
In this white paper you will learn about these champions.


  • Brief case studies of in-house programs
  • Our commitment to evaluation and results from several project
  • Champion plans for in-house programs
  • Our approach to understanding champion engagement
  • An overall model for helping champions do their job (See Figure below)


Importantly, our research suggests that champions who can create their own in-house activities often are those that can achieve higher engagement and outcomes. The report reviews results of champions use of over 37 different type of activities across different categories. This includes topical challenges, employee enrichment, en environmental supports. You can read all about this and our ongoing efforts to support champions in being creative with in-house “home grown” efforts.


What Champions Do Best in Workplace Wellness (Small Engineering Firms)

When referencing the attached white paper, we request using the following citation.
Simone, L., Bennett, J.B., Neeper, M., Linde, B., Begley, K. (2017). What Champions Do Best: A Special Report for Designed Wellness Champions. Document prepared by ACEC Life/Health Trust; Frisco, Texas.

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