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It feels good to belong to an organization that cares. And, when you sign on with any ACEC Life/Health Trust benefit plan, you immediately gain the coverage and support of an organization dedicated to providing benefit solutions and services to your firm, as well as to your employees and their families. Our Designed Portfolio of value-added services can play a major role in keeping your engineering firm healthy, active and productive. Best yet, all are offered at no additional cost to member firms on a Trust medical plan.

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Designed Wellness

A comprehensive wellness program designed to improve your health and well-being.

Designed Wellness offers a health assessment and biometric screening combined with personalized coaching and online tools to help your employees and their spouses identify and manage health risks. Through our secure web portal, the program:

  • Provides participants with information about their current health status.
  • Assists them with setting realistic wellness goals.
  • Arms them with the tools and resources they need to achieve success.
  • Helps them manage their health care costs as they also benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

We provide the tools, expertise, planning and program administration. All you do is designate an internal contact to serve as our communication liaison. Opt-in to Designed Wellness and start seeing the benefits of a healthier, active and more productive workforce. Join today.

Designed Advocate

Personal healthcare advisors helping you understand and benefit from your healthcare plan.

Designed Advocate makes it easy for you to navigate today’s complex healthcare environment, from finding doctors and getting cost estimates to setting appointments and solving billing problems. This opt-in program connects any participating medical plan member to their own personal healthcare advisor. A simple phone or email is all it takes to:

  • Gain expert guidance in understanding insurance benefits.
  • Find the best local doctors, dentists and eye care professionals who meet your personal needs.
  • Get price comparisons on medical care, before you visit a doctor, hospital or facility, and save hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Compare local prescription prices for the lowest possible cost.
  • Get expert help reviewing your medical bills, to ensure you never get overcharged.

Save time and money navigating the healthcare system with Designed Advocate. Join today and discover the difference a personal healthcare advisor can make with Designed Advocate!

Designed Virtual Care

24x7 phone access to physicians to keep you out of the doctor's office and on the go.

Designed Telehealth has been upgraded to Designed Virtual Care. This exciting new bundle includes behavioral health, dermatology, back care, and expert medical services. All of these programs can be accessed from your HealthiestYou app—same great app, now with more services! Core services include:

  • TALK TO A DOCTOR 24/7: For conditions like the flu, bronchitis, allergies, sore throats, skin conditions and more.
  • RELIEF FROM SKIN ISSUES: Upload photos of your condition to the app and get a treatment plan from a dermatologist within two business days.
  • GET SPECIALIST MEDICAL ADVICE: Get a second opinion on an existing diagnosis and treatment for more serious conditions for free.
  • CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING 7 DAYS A WEEK: Our professionals are available to talk when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, down, or not like yourself.
  • BACK CARE: Relieve your back pain through guided videos with a certified health coach for free.


Engineers Deserve Better

Watch our video for an overview on how you can keep your employees healthy, active and productive with our Better by Design portfolio of value-added healthcare solutions.


Browse our online resource library, including forms, applications, product outlines, FAQs and other important marketing materials you need to take care of business now with ACEC Life/Health Trust. Printed copies of these materials can also be ordered by calling the Trust at 844-259-0325.
Designed Wellness Overview
Designed Advocate Overview
Designed Telehealth Overview
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UnitedHealthcare Fully
Insured Nationwide Plan

  • Product & Price Flexibility
  • Preferred Savings
  • A Broad Network
  • Streamlined Administration
  • Dedicated Service Team

For ACEC member firms seeking a fully insured employee healthcare plan. When you choose the Trust insured by UnitedHealthcare, you’ll find an array of affordable health plan options to meet the unique needs of you and your employees.

Select Plan

Alternate Funding Model
for Small-to-Mid-Size Firms

  • Affordable Care Act Exemptions
  • Preferred Group Rates
  • Financial Credits
  • Limited Financial Risk
  • Broad National PPO Network
  • Dedicated Service Team

The Trust Select Plan innovatively delivers an alternate funding model that combines many of the features of being self funded while providing risk protection for the small Member Firm.

Advantage Plan

Stop-Loss for Traditional Self-Funded Solutions

  • Experience Refund
  • Rate Increases Not To Exceed Established Threshold
  • No “Lasering” After Year One
  • Limited Disruption To Your Employees

The Advantage Plan is a stop loss solution for self-insured engineering firms, and combines the advantages associated with taking control for the funding of your employee’s healthcare benefits with the protection provided by the Trust.

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