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ACEC Life/Health Trust oversees a program that provides life and health insurance coverage for participating ACEC member firms. The program offers flexible benefits designed by engineers for engineers. You’ll find the right plans for your whole firm in one place: health, dental, vision, life, disability, and more. With the program, you’re backed by the group purchasing power of more than 1,500 firms and 65,000 participants.

Whether you are an existing ACEC member firm, a prospective member or a broker interested in representing our products, please follow the links below for more information about the Trust and all of our various offerings:

ACEC Life/Health Trust

An overview

The ACEC Life Health Trust is designed by engineers for engineers. For 50 years now, the Trust has been dedicated to supporting the health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance needs of engineering firms across the country. We partner with the top leaders in the health insurance and health benefits industry to deliver unmatched value in health insurance coverage to ACEC Member Firms.Learn More


Fully Insured Nationwide Plan

For ACEC member firms seeking a fully insured employee healthcare plan. When you choose UnitedHealthcare insurance by ACEC Life/Health Trust, you’ll find an array of affordable health plan options to meet the unique needs of you and your employees. Plus, the Trust helps ease the burden around health care reform compliance and the complex changes happening in the health care industry.Learn More


Alternate Funding Model

The ACEC Life/Health Trust Select Plan innovatively delivers an alternate-funding model that combines many of the features of being self-funded, with risk protection for the small Member Firm. The Select Plan has been thoroughly researched and developed with select key provider networks to ensure the most comprehensive network of doctors and hospitals in each region.Learn More

Advantage Plan

Stop-loss For Self-Funded Solutions

A stop loss healthcare plan that gives you every advantage, the Advantage Plan is a unique solution designed specifically for self-insured firms. The plan supports your total control over employee healthcare benefits funding, while protecting you against large claims and higher than expected utilization of health care services through flexible, competitively priced coverage provided by the Trust.Learn More


Ancillary & Voluntary Products

The ACEC Life/Health Trust has developed a strategic relationship with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to provide high-quality ancillary products. The combined strength and expertise of the Trust and Guardian provide you with flexible and innovative program options, one-stop shopping and potential savings on dental, vision, life, disability, accident, critical illness and cancer insurance.Learn More


Whether you are already an ACEC Life/Health Trust broker, or interested in becoming one, you’ll find everything you need to take advantage of the opportunities before you with confidence. Choose one of the programs below for more information about representing our products. At ACEC Life/Health Trust, we value and appreciate our broker community.



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