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Save 5% on Annual Healthcare
Premiums with AHIP - A New
Program From The Trust That
Rewards Engineering Firms Who
Participate in Ongoing Wellness

ACEC Life/Health Trust’s Accountable Health Improvement Plan (AHIP) offers an opportunity for ACEC Member Firms to reduce their healthcare premiums by holding employees accountable for their own health. Member firms that participate will receive a 5% reduction off renewal rates, payable through three checks during the plan year, with the full 5% paid out by the 10th month of the plan year. In addition, AHIP member firms will be assessed and underwritten at subsequent year’s renewals as a separate pool within the ACEC Life/Health Trust. Employer groups that have engaged in similar strategies have experienced lower claims costs, and we anticipate renewal rate increases in a healthier pool to become even more favorable and predictable over time.

How It Works

Employers must achieve minimum participation targets for biometric screenings and agree to hold employees and covered spouses accountable to a few action steps to receive the 5% reduction. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

Offer onsite biometric screenings (paid for by AHIP) at locations where 20 or more employees and spouses can participate. Biometric screenings can be completed at a local Quest Lab or in member’s physician’s office.

Achieve a 50% biometric screening participation rate for both employees and covered spouses.

Encourage employees and spouses to enroll and participate in an intervention program if risk factors are out of normal range. Data will be captured by Designed Wellness and results communicated directly to members, not to the firm. The firm will only get a compliance report with program requirements.

Require a premium contribution differential per month from non-compliant members (recommend $80; require $50). Non-compliance is defined as either (a) member chooses not to complete the biometric screening, or (b) member chooses not to participate in intervention programs when results are outside acceptable ranges.

Offer non-compliant members an opportunity to engage and eliminate the premium differential in the following year.

Program Components

AHIP will be managed alongside of Designed Wellness. The difference is that AHIP requires you to motivate your covered members to take specific actions. AHIP includes Designed Advocate and Designed TeleHealth, as well as two new intervention programs, Naturally Slim and Real Appeal, to assist members in achieving their goals. To make your participation in AHIP as easy as possible, the Trust takes full responsibility for managing the program’s technology platform and resources.


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UnitedHealthcare Fully
Insured Nationwide Plan

  • Product & Price Flexibility
  • Preferred Savings
  • A Broad Network
  • Streamlined Administration
  • Dedicated Service Team

For ACEC member firms seeking a fully insured employee healthcare plan. When you choose the Trust insured by UnitedHealthcare, you’ll find an array of affordable health plan options to meet the unique needs of you and your employees.

Select Plan

Alternate Funding Model
for Small-to-Mid-Size Firms

  • Affordable Care Act Exemptions
  • Preferred Group Rates
  • Financial Credits
  • Limited Financial Risk
  • Broad National PPO Network
  • Dedicated Service Team

The Trust Select Plan innovatively delivers an alternate funding model that combines many of the features of being self funded while providing risk protection for the small Member Firm.

Advantage Plan

Stop-Loss for Traditional Self-Funded Solutions

  • Experience Refund
  • Rate Increases Not To Exceed Established Threshold
  • No “Lasering” After Year One
  • Limited Disruption To Your Employees

The Advantage Plan is a stop loss solution for self-insured engineering firms, and combines the advantages associated with taking control for the funding of your employee’s healthcare benefits with the protection provided by the Trust.


High-Quality Ancillary and Voluntary Products

  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance

The Trust has developed a strategic relationship with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to make available high-quality ancillary products that provide your firm with flexible program options, one-stop shopping and potential savings.

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