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Lunch & Learns for Beginners: Just Do It!



Wellness “Lunch & Learns” are a great way to to engage staff  in the wellness program.

This blog suggests that you don’t have to do it perfectly.

Just do something!

First, to get oriented, read Part 1 and Part 2 below. Second, Part 3 outlines five steps to take for a simple Lunch & Learn that uses self-awareness surveys. To kick off Part 3 (Step 1), download those surveys by clicking the links below. We have listed the remaining 5 steps in a handy 2-page guide sheet you can download below.

Part 1: Why Lunch &  Learns Are Important to AT LEAST Try

These different reasons will make you run right out after reading this blog and schedule a simple “Lunch & Learn.” These will help you break through those “Lunch & Learn barriers” (see side bar below).


1. “AEIOU”: Awareness, Engagement, Interact, Offer, and Use.

Meeting face-to-face with staff helps overcome common hurdles to employee participation. If all you do is increase one of the “vowels” below, you have made major strides.


  • AWARENESS–First, despite previous communication (emails, posters, etc.) staff may not be aware of wellness. Some only “get it” when they sit down with an activity that shows them — in “real” time –what it’s all about.
  • ENGAGEMENT–Second, a good Lunch & Learn engages participants in some activity (like simple ones below). Once engaged, staff see more relevance of the program.
  • INTERACT–Third, getting staff to interact with each other — even through simple discussion — helps them learn/share wellness ideas.
  • OFFER–Fourth, once you have their attention, and based on their interests, you can offer more of the tips, tools, and resources from the program.
  • USE–Finally, it helps to get staff to use any tool of the program in the Lunch & Learn. This is the “foot in the door” technique – once familiar with something there is an increased chance of later use.

2.  Wellness from the Inside-outACEC_BLOG_LNL1

Some may believe that the “wellness program” is only the external vendor (website, coaching, external challenges). Having your own staff present leads staff to believe that it really is happening INSIDE the organization.

3. Ownership

This reinforces the previous point. When people come together to learn something positive, it tends to create more responsibility and commitment.

4. Customization

Choose content that you or staff want to hear about. There are so many topics to choose from and ACEC Designed Wellness can help you find the right information for your needs. We started off with the topics of “Stress” and “Nutrition” below because surveys suggested those were most needed. But don’t stop — or even start — there.

5. Self-organizing

A group or team has enhanced vitality when it “self-organizes” around an idea. Just ask people (1) what they want to learn about, (2) when to have the presentation, (3) how to make it interesting, and (4) if they can contribute. You may be surprised that the presentation becomes a team effort.

Part 2: Keep it Simple

You don’t have to do things “exactly” right or in a certain order or in a certain way. Most effective presentations are simple and done because the presenter is talking about something they enjoy talking about. What if you don’t like talking? Well, guess what? You can just give participants a hand-out and have THEM discuss it by asking some good questions. The next section shows you how to do that.


Part 3:  5-Steps to A Successful Session, Ready Access, Simple Tools

Yes. There is a simple way to do this.

We have uploaded tools and guidelines for two “in-depth” Lunch & Learns on the ACEC Designed Wellness Champion Portal. Yes, These are in-depth (with PowerPoints, Handouts, Questionnaires. Recordings, Session ratings)

AND they can also be broken down into small pieces!

One of the easiest things to do is to ask people to complete a simple questionnaire and then talk about what they learned. There are two surveys you can access right now and copy. We suggest only doing one of these at a time and keeping it brief, no more than 30 minutes. For each one follow these five steps.


 ♦ ♦  Please download a 2-page PDF File with these 5 Steps (Click Here) ♦ ♦ 



You will start with STEP 1 below but then download the remaining steps in the 2-page flyer.



Download the surveys below and complete each yourself for starters.

NUTRITIONFocusing on Nutrition: Eat More, Weigh Less. This is located in the “Diet and Nutrition” Lunch & Learn. Also Available from

STRESS: Are You Coping Well?  This is located in the “Stress” Lunch & Learn. Also Available from

STEP 2 to STEP 5) For these steps, access the 2-page PDF document here

 ⋅  ⋅   ⋅  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained ⋅  ⋅   ⋅

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