Session 7: Planning


This module provides participants with the ACEC Designed Wellness Planning Guide that champions can use to help them create an actionable plan for their wellness program. 

In this 60 minute session, you will learn to:

  • Identify basic elements of the planning guide
  • Know the background for the tool (previous champion training sessions)
  • Identify the commitment level that is most appropriate for them for next year planning
  • Know how to access key resources for every element of the planning checklist
  • Use your own needs assessment to help with planning
  • Know how to use the planning guide

Below are the main elements to review for planning as it relates to your wellness program.


Step 1: Download the planning guide (which covers 6 areas of planning: Basic Implementation, Champion Development, In-House Communication, In-House Program, Leader Engagement, Evaluations & Assessments)

Access The Planning Guide (2018)


Step 2: Please WATCH the webinar 


Below are additional information and materials to support your learning:


Download the Champion Training Session 7 Slide Deck

Download the Session 7 Small Business Tool Tip (Needs Assessment Tool): If you are a small business or have less than 25 to 30 participants and you would like to run your own online needs assessment, please see this attachment on steps to take and how we can assist you. We will generate a report for you as long as we plan together.

Additional Articles and Resources Associated with Each of the Six Planning Areas:

The Webinar references the Resilience Challenge

Examples of Mission Statements

Resources for Each of the 6 Planning Areas

  1. Basic Implementation: (1) Champion Guide, (2) Communication Materials
  2. Champion Development: (1) Coaching Tool, (2) The Training Portal, (3) Lunch & Learning Training
  3. In-House Communication: Communication  Materials
  4. In-House Programs: (1) Read Designed Wellness Blogs, (2) Ask us About Buddy Coaching, (3) Check out the Designed Wellness LinkedIn Group
  5. Leader Engagement: (1) Review Session 4, (2) Use the Planning Guide
  6. Evaluation: (1) Regularly review participation reports and other data available from health assessments, (2) Consider using the Needs Assessment




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