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Engaging in Champion Portal Leads to Results


 The more champions use the tools on this Champion Portal the more likely they will be successful

The purpose of this blog and all of our blogs is to give you ideas that will lead to improved wellness programming and better engagement of your staff. At Designed Wellness, we seek to make health promotion as “evidence-based” as possible. We review data on changes in health risk, and are always looking for your feedback, via surveys and other means, about what works and what you need. In a few weeks, we will be providing a summary of our current data as well as the results of our recent Champion and Employee Surveys.  Please come to the webinar on October 29th from 12 – 1 pm CST. You can register for this session by clicking on this link: Designed Wellness Data and Survey Results Webinar

A recent survey encouraged champions to read a blog to see if doing so led to any interest in providing more in-house or internal wellness programs. In this and other surveys, finding suggests that the more champions read and use the tools on this Designed Wellness Champion Portal the more likely they will be successful with their programs. Between September 12 and 19, 40 ACEC Wellness Champions* read and responded to a survey regarding our last blog, titled “Lunch and Learn for Beginners: Just Do It“.We wanted to know what champions thought about Lunch & Learns (“L&Ls”), whether the blog helped champions to do L&Ls, and the barriers to doing L&Ls.

Did the Blog Help?

First, those who read the blog really benefited from doing so, with 45% saying it was “some” helpful and 48% saying it was “much” or “very much” helpful. In addition, 70% said that reading the blog helped them to see that doing a L&L was easier than previously thought and it increased their motivation to provide an L&L.  In fact, 75% indicated that they would “likely” or “very likely” use ideas discussed in the blog to deliver a Lunch & Learn that uses the hand-outs/questionnaires.


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It is encouraging to see that when champions take the time to review a blog that they can gain so much benefit!


Interestingly, these benefits were roughly the same for those with and without any previous experience doing L&Ls. Of the 40 respondents, 28 (70%) had never conducted an L&L. Getting into the habit of reading blogs is one way for champions to build up their confidence and motivation to do more internal programming. The motivation to do more L&Ls in the future were greater for those who had read previous blogs.

We encourage you to scroll through and read our previous blogs as these may be helpful in your development as Wellness Champion.

Lunch & Learns Value & Responsibility

Most respondents (82%) felt that L&Ls are important to an effective wellness program and close to 60% believed both that it was their responsibility to deliver the L&L and that others at work also saw champions as responsible for doing so. Less (35%) believed that L&Ls should be delivered by others on staff and even fewer (30%) saw outside experts as responsible.


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Also, the greater value champions placed on L&Ls, the more likely they indicated that would deliver one sometime in the next few quarters (but not necessarily sooner).

Similarly, the more they saw themselves as responsible for L&Ls, the more likely they would deliver one in the next few quarters (and not necessarily sooner).

These data suggest that many champions believe in the value of L&Ls and are responsible for delivering them but they do not do so very frequently and may have to take the time to plan for them as well.




Barriers to Delivering L&Ls


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The blog listed nine different barriers to delivering L&Ls and the survey repeated those same barriers and asked respondents to indicate if they identified with each. Thirty-six respondents listed at least one barrier but the average number of barriers listed was only two. As the chart below shows the most frequently reported barrier (58%) was the perception that “people would not show up” if the champion scheduled an L&L. This was followed by reports of there not being enough “time” to prepare for and deliver L&Ls (43%). Interestingly, there was a tendency for those who felt that the blog made L&Ls easier to actually list fewer barriers, especially the barrier that L&Ls were “too much effort”. This suggests that educational material on the web may help champions feel more effective in giving internal programs.

Follow-Up Intentions

Respondents also indicated how likely they would take specific actions regarding L&Ls in the future. A great majority (91%) said that they would likely (68%) or very likely (23%) review the current L&Ls on the ACEC Designed Wellness website. Three quarters said that would likely use ideas discussed in the blog to deliver a L&L. Many (70%) also said they would likely schedule and present some type of L&L in the next two quarters.



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*About 110 champions received the survey invitation (which included a small raffle incentive for participation). The 39 responses indicates a 36% response rate, which is fairly good for this type of survey.


We always encourage your input and feedback! If there is something you would like to share about Lunch and Learns (i.e. Best Practices for success, additional barriers, topics you would like to see in the future), please feel free to contact Lindsay Simone ([email protected]).


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