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Champions Speak Positively About Stress!

shutterstock_87176158This month, ACEC Designed Wellness provided over fifty wellness champions a copy of the book “Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving” as an addition to their tool-kit for helping staff manage stress and build resilience. A dozen champions also gathered together for a “book club” discussion. They shared many ways that they have been able to gradually (one step at a time) build positive coping. Here is a quick list.

  1. Healthy Options. Avoid the tendency to provide unhealthy food options (pizza, fatty snacks) as a way of helping employees with stress. When staff work overtime at the office, bring in healthy snacks.
  2. Role Model. Recognize your own stress and use tools to manage it as a healthy role model to others.
  3. A Relaxed Style. Help managers to express a more relaxed style in the face of stress.
  4. The Positive Spin. Think of stress in a more positive way. In one ACEC firm, colleagues helped new hires put a positive “spin” on the fast-paced stress by explaining how they can learn from additional work and effort.
  5. Pick Your Battles. Be careful to “pick your battles” when dealing with staff who have low motivation, cope poorly, or are just not ready. Keep taking little steps and people will come around when they are ready. Champions can’t move mountains on their own.
  6. Nudge it Forward. At the same time, do your best to recognize others needs, nudge them, and offer assistance. A champion is a health coach in a way. Encourage your more motivated colleagues who have a good relationship with the “unengaged,” ask them to explain stress management. When you can’t directly reach those who cope poorly ask others who can “pay it forward” to them.
  7. Book Club. Finally, you can create your own book club and work through the many tools in “Raw Coping Power” or other ACEC Designed Wellness stress management and resilience resources with employees.

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