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Back to School Wellness Wisdom

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Kids are heading back to school over the next few weeks already. Is your family prepared? By now, many of you have probably already purchased your school supplies and back to school wardrobes. But, have you thought about ways to help your child back into the routine and ways to get back on track for healthy eating?

Take the time to also prepare your pantry for healthy eating snacks and have a game plan for a healthy breakfast to fuel them through their day. Meal planning can also be a beneficial tool to helping overcome the busy schedules that fall will bring. Having meals planned out can help cut down on time spent at the grocery store and keeping the budget in line. Coming home and doing a prep of the goods, such as cutting fruits and vegetables, washing produce, creating bags of food ready to cook can all help cut down on preparing the meals for that day. Depending on your family’s diet restrictions and hectic scheduling, finding a healthy meal planning service may be of benefit. Many of these services offer a full meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinners, recipes, as well as a grocery list. Some these are offered free of charge, while others may have step programs that can range in price to fit your needs.

Many families also take this time to reorganize and transition from lazy summer days to the busy schedule the school year. Setting up a command center to help your child know where to look for school supplies, homework, backpacks and a calendar of activities is beneficial to keeping stress levels low. Creating a lunch packing area where kids can store their lunchboxes after school, and make their lunches for the next day can help them participate in meal preparation and can create an opportunity for them to talk about what they like and don’t like in their meals. It can also help teach them the value of healthy, balanced meals and teach them ways to get all the nutrients they need. Often times, parents will create bins with approved food options and have their students select one from each bin to help them pack a healthy lunch, while still giving them the option to pick their foods.

While Designed Wellness is open to only employees and spouses, there are many tools on our website that could be of benefit to many families and adapted to fit your child’s needs. Programs you may want to explore on the Designed Wellness program include a Bedtime Game Plan, Coach Kids to Eat Healthier, and Fitting in for Families. These tools can expand your options for creating healthy habits within your family and getting your children involved. Login to your account to get started today.

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