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ACEC Designed Wellness Champions Make Big Plans for 2016

Recently, fifty different champions, shared their wellness program plans for 2016. Many of these champions, from engineering firms ranging in size from 10 to 300 (median size about 50) have begun just this month talking with their firm owners/partners to implement their plan. To help, ACEC mailed these owners a champion orientation letter in early December to help “grease the wheels” for a successful program plan.  In this blog, we briefly share a big picture of some of the plans in store for the coming year. If you ever need help completing or revising your “Planning Guide“, the information below may be helpful.

Top Priorities

First, as seen by the chart below, champions outlined their plans in six areas. The chart shows the number of champions selecting the top three elements in these areas. Top priorities, in order of importance, were getting employees to complete biometric screenings and personal health assessments and sending out monthly newsletters, followed by engaging firm leaders to actively use the program, and champions themselves completing health incentive activities provided by the wellness vendor. We were also very happy to see many champions planned to complete champion training this year.



Mission Statements

Champions who completed the planning guide also provided the mission statement for their program. Below you can see a “wordle” of these statements; the more frequently the words are used then the larger they appear in the wordle. As might be expected, words synonymous with health were the most frequently used, followed by words like promote, improve, or enhance but there was also frequent mention of tools and support. A quick review of this wordle might give other champions ideas who have not yet fashioned their own wellness mission statement.

Remember, that there are many tools to help with Planning in Champion Training Session 7: Planning.




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