Meeting the Individual Needs of Our Member Firms

Good health not only rewards the individual but also benefits your team as well as profiting your firm. The ACEC Life/Health Trust continues to innovate through the introduction of Designed Wellness, a uniquely designed wellness program created to reward ACEC members firms with enhanced health, well-being and productivity and ultimately lower health insurance premiums. Our vision is to establish the Consulting Engineering industry as the healthiest industry in the United States. In order to maximize your firm’s overall wellness, we’ve developed a unique program tailored to leveraging the economic benefits of being a “healthy firm.” Designed Wellness powered by ACEC Life/Health Trust is designed to meet the individual health needs of our member firms.

Expected Outcomes:

    Designed Wellness provides you with a unique opportunity to access a high-quality wellness program that is usually only available to organizations with several hundred employees. Wellness programs are a great added value to any benefits package and can provide you with any or all of these outcomes:
  • Improved productivity & attendance
  • Improved health status of employees
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Expectations of Participating Member Firms:

Participating firms are required to identify someone within their firm that will manage the program and serve as the “Wellness Champion”. The Champion will complete the implementation steps and submit eligibility changes (i.e. additions and terminations) to the Trust Manager of Wellness Programming and Services throughout the program year. In addition, the Wellness Champion will distribute all materials to your firm’s participants to manage local contests, onsite screenings, and program engagement.

Cost to Your Firm:

There are no out-of-pocket costs to participating firms or their employees and spouses. The Trust pays all participation costs (including biometric screenings) and also funds incentive plans for RedBrick Screen Shotemployees and spouses covered by the Trust medical plan. There are three annual incentive plan options to choose from: $75, $125, and $150. Each plan differs in the number of activities that are required to earn the incentive.

Learn more about Designed Wellness:

To learn more about Designed Wellness, review the materials on the left-hand of this page: Introductory Brochure, Highlights Sheet, and Roadmap to Designed Wellness. If you would like to attend one of our introductory webinars or schedule a conference call to discuss the program further, please email Lindsay Simone, the Trust Manger of Wellness Programming and Services.

Start participating in Designed Wellness:

To start Designed Wellness within your firm, please confirm your participation by emailing Lindsay Simone, the Trust Manager of Wellness Programming and Services. The implementation steps are simple and include:

  • Schedule an implementation call
  • Select an Incentive Plan
  • Complete the Eligibility File
  • Send out communication materials to participants

Engineers Deserve Better

Learn more about how you can keep your employees healthy, active and productive with ACEC Life/Health Trust’s Better by Design portfolio of value-added services. For more information, please visit today.

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