Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness: From Noticing to Thriving

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Lunch and Learn Introduction for Facilitators

Welcome to your facilitator packet for the “Stress Awareness: From Noticing to Thriving” training. Please review this page carefully to make sure you have all the tools you need to deliver a successful training. Keep in mind that the problem of stress is a very important one for all of us working in the engineering industry. Many of us have to work under tight deadlines on important tasks that can have a significant impact on the safety of others. For this reason, this particular “Lunch and Learn” is very thorough and you may consider providing the program in two separate sessions of 40 minutes instead of one very packed session of 60 minutes. That decision is up to you. We want you to have flexibility but also give you many tools. Please click the  below links to download all materials and review the section titled “OPTIONS” below.

What is in your packet?

This packet includes nine different documents, including this initial introduction (click here to download this page as a PDF). Your two most important documents are the Facilitator Notes (2) and the actual PowerPoint Slide Deck (4).  You can make use of all the documents described briefly below. 1. Lunch and Learn Introduction for Facilitators (PDF) – information included on this web page 2. Facilitator Notes (PDF): Provides step-by-step instructions on what to say and do while presenting 3. Stress Awareness Static Slide Deck (PDF): Shows full slide view without notes. Use the PPT file when presenting. 4. Stress Awareness Animated Slides (PPT): This is the animated slide deck that you will use when presenting. The presentation has 26 slides and 3 pages of appendix. The deck has five major sections: (1) What is Stress? (2) Do You Know Your Stress Warning Signs?” (3) Do You Have a Healthy Tolerance Level? (4) Are You Coping Well?, and (5) Can You Focus on the Positive?, and (6) Is Stress the Spice of Life? 5. HANDOUT for Employee Assistance Information. Provide this info when you get to slide 9 (Ways Stress Shows Up). Note. Some firms may not have the EAP resource. Please double check to make sure with your human resources/benefits manager. If not, please locate resources for counseling in your local community. These are often available through United Way or other non-profit agency. 6. HANDOUT for Job Crafting. Provide this when you get to slide 13 (Actual Tolerance Exercise) 7. HANDOUT for “Are you Coping Well?” exercise. Provide for slide 16 (What do you do when feeling strain?) 8. Session Ratings. Ask participants to make ratings after you complete the session. 9. FINAL QUIZ . Some facilitators use quizzes to assure participants were engaged and paying attention. FACILITATOR ANSWER KEY 10. Marketing Poster (PPT). We have also provided a poster you can distribute and edit.


For each slide in the Facilitator Notes, we have provided an estimated range for the amount of time for you to deliver the slide or activity associated with that slide. If you are very familiar with the material it is possible to complete all the slides in less than 1 hour. The lower time estimate of each range is for completion in 1 hour. It is better to have participants engaged than to rush through the slides. However, we provide ideas below for you to consider in providing both an efficient training AND an effective experience. Please consider these when planning.

1. Hand out exercises 1 day or 1 week prior to training. You can distribute the “Are you Coping Well?” and “Job Crafting” handouts before the training and ask staff to review and complete this before attending. This will save you about 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Divide the training into two sessions. Take your time to go through the training with the goal of engaging participants. You can end the 1st session with Part 3 (Tolerance) and begin the 2nd session with Part 4 (Coping). You can also do the training all in the 1st session and use the 2nd session for discussion.

3. You can also use  This recorded session of the Stress Awareness Lunch and Learn that was previously hosted by us.

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