Welcome to the 2017 Designed Wellness Resilience Challenge

The goal of the course is to help you (and your coworkers) build a teamwork culture that supports positive coping with stress and strengthens your community sense of resilience.

By completing the course (going through the entire module from start to finish) you will receive a $5 credit towards your yearly Designed Wellness incentive. Please note, this credit may not appear in your account until the end of June.

At the end of the course, you will be asked to participate in an optional 5 minute survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive AN ADDITIONAL $5 credit towards your yearly incentive.

You will be asked to first provide your contact information so we can track your completion of the course AND get your incentives to you without issue.

Click the image below to get started with the course.



Access additional Resilience Resources here

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NEED HELP? If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please let us know here. We will do our best to get back to you within 1 business day.


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