January Firm Communications

Implementation Materials:

Ready, Set, Go Emails – these emails can be sent out to employees leading up to your launch. For example, you can send one our each week or every few days leading up to your launch.

Pre-Launch Email – this email was created for you to send out before your official launch of the program. This can be used instead of or in addition to the Ready, Set, Go emails. Note: to copy and paste over the header and footer, you will need to right click on that area.

Launch Emails – these emails will automatically be sent out by the RedBrick web portal if your firm provided email addresses for participants. You can also use these hard copies if you prefer to distribute them on your own and we recommended using the subject line: Cash in on real rewards with the new Designed Wellness partner- RedBrick Health. You will need to double click on the header and footer images to cut and paste into the email message. $100 Plan $150 Plan $200 Plan  

January New Hire Emails – if you add new employees or spouses after your initial launch, they will automatically receive this new hire email if an email address was provided on the eligibility file. If an email address is not provided you can use these copies and send them out on your own: $100 Plan New Hire Email $150 Plan New Hire Email $200 Plan New Hire Email

Bookmarking Instructions – this guide explains how to correctly bookmark the Designed Wellness web portal on your internet browser. There can be potential issues with logging into an account if the page is bookmarked incorrectly, so we recommend passing this along to all employees and spouses with the registration guide.

Introduction to Designed Wellness Powerpoint – this presentation can be used to inform employees about all aspects of the program. You may want to put a copy of this presentation on your Intranet.

Launch Meeting Poster – if you are planning to schedule an employee meeting to announce this program, you can use this poster to promote your event.

Employee Wellness Letter – this is a general introductory letter that you can mail to employees’ homes or provide hard copies to them during the implementation process. This would also be a good document to include in your new hire packet. The below “details sheet” or the “program guide” are meant to be included as a supplemental piece to this letter. Also, if you want to try to engage spouses in the program, you can include this flier in your mailing that asks them if they would like to sign up for future wellness emails from you: Obtain Spouse Email address flier

Details Sheet – this document provides a thorough overview of the program. It explains every aspect of the program and how to complete the requirements. $100 Detail Sheet $150 Detail Sheet $200 Sheet Detail 

Rewards Chart- this document only provides a summary of your incentive place. $100 Rewards Chart $150 Rewards Chart $200 Rewards Chart

Program Guides – this document was customized for each incentive plan and serves as a nice introduction to the new program features. The appropriate program guide for your incentive plan, will be included as an attachment to the launch email (if being sent out by the web portal. Details are included for the new program aspects (online health journeys, health coaching, track or sync physical activity, and health challenges) $100 Program Guide $150 Program Guide $200 Program Guide

Health Assessment Flyer- this document explains the Health Assessment benefits. $200 HA Flyer

Mobile App Flier – this flier can be shared with your employees to get started using the mobile app on their smartphones.

Specific Activity File: This file can be used to award points to your employees for in-house activities such as lunch and learns and 5ks. Please see the below documents for more information.

Specific Activity File Template – Quarterly file to submit for credit of local firm activities.

Specific Activity File FAQ Doc – answers questions regarding the SAF document as well as contains important dates to remember.

Additional promotional materials:

LCD Screen



Employee Guides

How to Registration – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to register an account on the Designed Wellness web portal (in partnership with RedBrick Health).

How to Personal Health Assessment this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Personal Health Assessment on the web portal.

How to Sync Physical Activity Tracking Devices and Apps – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to sync a physical activity tracking device or app on the Designed Wellness web portal.  Compatible devices include: FitBit, Garmin, FitBug, Jawbone, MapMyFitness, Moves, Runkeeper, and Withings.

How to Manually Track Physical Activity – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to manually track physical activity (without a tracking device or app) on the Designed Wellness web portal.

How to Set Up Health Screening – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a screening event either on site or with a Community Access Provider on the Designed Wellness web portal.

How to Sync Apple Watch – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Apple Watch on the Designed Wellness web portal.

How to use Journeys – this guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to start a journey opportunity in the Designed Wellness web portal.

Screening Materials


Email Template



FAQ Document

January Firm Editable Flier Template

Offsite Options:

Physician Form – 1.1

Monthly Communications:


January – Cholesterol:

January Cholesterol Flier

February – Mobile App/Blood Pressure:

HA Reminder Flyer

HA Reminder Email

February 2017 Blood Pressure Flyer

February 2017 HW Email

March – Track and Sync

March Track Sync Flyer

March Track Sync Email

April – Journeys

April Journeys Flyer

April Journeys Email

May- Coaching

May Coaching Flyer

May Coaching Email

Internal Programming

Boost Your Mood with Food

Do You have a Food Sensitivity?

Go for the Burn

Three Moves for Health

Redbrick Program Offerings


Challenge Materials

Spring into Action Challenge (May 1st – June 12th)



Table Tent

LCD Screen

Spring into Action FAQ Document

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