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Champion Forum: Well-Being and Going Green Eco Tree with environment symbols April is Earth Month (Earth Day is April 22) and many engineering firms have sensitivity to environmental impact and ecology. Some firms are even getting “Green” certified. Whether or not you follow these practices, having a sense of connection to nature can be a significant part of well-being. This includes everything from walking outside to gardening to participating in community clean ups. This Champion Forum will help champions make connections between the three areas of well-being and environmental awareness. First, as noted, research suggests that having a connection to nature enhances well-being. Second, the culture of many engineering firms often includes some sensitivity to environmental awareness and good stewardship. Third, as part of your wellness programs there are things you can do to help foster a healthy attitude toward “going green” and its relationship to health. If you-or anyone in your firm-has an interest in this, we welcome their input in the forum. Below are the materials associated with this Champion Forum: Watch the Recorded Webinar Review the Well-Being and Going Green Slide Deck Download the Champion Tips Sheet – Going Green In-House Programming Utilize the following posters to promote going green at your firm: Eat Healthy for a Healthier Earth and Be Good Be Green Be Healthy Below are additional documents to support your learning: Read our Blog Post on Going Green Connectedness to Nature Paper SHRM Green Workplace Survey Brief

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