Focusing on Nutrition

Focusing on Nutrition: Eat More & Weigh Less


Lunch and Learn Introduction for Facilitators

Welcome to your facilitator packet for the “Focusing on Nutrition: Eat More & Weigh Less” training. Please review this page carefully to make sure you have all the tools you need to deliver a successful training. Keep in mind that finding positive ways to enhance nutrition is very important for workers in the engineering industry. Many workers fail to get the proper nutrients, over-eat, eat poorly, or otherwise don’t get the right mix of calories, protein, and other nutrients.  These factors can impact energy and performance. For this reason, this particular “Lunch and Learn” is thorough and you may consider providing the program in two separate sessions. That decision is up to you. We want you to have flexibility but also give you many tools.

What is in your packet?

This packet includes ten different documents, including this initial introduction. Your two most important documents are the Facilitator Notes (2) and the actual PowerPoint Slide Deck (4). The presentation has 46 slides. The deck has six major sections: (1) Why Eat Healthy? (2) Where are you now? (provides several assessments, included in your handout), (3) Choosemyplate (reviews the government web-site and tools there), (4) Strengthen (asks participants to add some new strategies), (5) Realize (asks participants to get additional support if needed), and (6) an optional Exercise using Make use of any/all the documents described briefly below. 1. Lunch and Learn Introduction for Facilitators (PDF): information included on this web page 2. Facilitator Notes (PDF): Provides step-by-step instructions on what to say and do while presenting 3. Static Slide Deck (PDF): Shows full slide view without notes. Use the PPT file when presenting. 4. Animated Slide Deck (PPT): This is the animated slide deck that you will use when presenting. The presentation has 46 slides. The deck has 2 major sections: (1) Review Skills for Eating a Balanced Meal (2) Exercise to Help You 5. Focusing on Nutrition Handout: If possible, please provide participants with this handout prior to the session and ask them to complete it. You can also use this handout alone as the focus of an entire brief session. 6. Nutrition Tools on RedBrick HealthThis handout explains all of the features on the RedBrick Health web portal that can help participants with their nutrition. There are step-by-step instructions for how to take advantage of these resources. During your presentation, you may want to have the RedBrick Health web portal open and walk through some of these features. 8. Session RatingsAsk participants to make ratings after you complete the session. 9. Quiz Items: Some facilitators use quizzes to assure participants were engaged and paying attention. These questions are asked throughout the PPT. Please provide participants with this handout prior to the presentation so they can follow along and answer them. 10. Nutrition Poster (PDF): This poster reinforces the healthy nutrition tips message in the training. NOTE: The facilitator notes do not suggest any particular time limit for any activity. Feel free to experiment with using different exercises. At the very least, you can always print out and take 30 minutes to review the two major handouts (Focusing on Nutrition and Nutrition Tools on RedBrick Health).

*Recent US NEWS Ratings of Diets (

You can also use  This recorded session of the Nutrition Lunch and Learn that was previously hosted by us.

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